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In case you've missed it, The Virginia Renaissance Faire's website was updated awhile ago to include audition information for this season. If you've never worked faire before, I highly recommend giving it a try!

Copied from the website:

March 6
11am-3:30pm Fredericksburg Library, HQ Branch

March 20
9:30am-12pm Fredericksburg Library, HQ Branch

New Cast Orientation
March 27
10am-4pm Fredericksburg Library, HQ Branch

The faire makes use of a large cast of students, hobbyist, professionals, and volunteers each year to make Staffordshire, England come alive. It is time for you to join our cast with open call auditions. We are looking for guild members, musicians, and a variety of street characters to fill our ranks.

The Virginia Renaissance Faire provides classes in improvisational theater, dialect, and other skills.

But I’ve never done this before!

Auditioning is easy.

All you need to do is come in with about 90 seconds of memorized (or well-read) dialogue (poem, play soliloquy, or a joke). Then you will be asked to sing about 8 bars of a song (your choosing, and we have had people sing instrumental pieces). Singing well is not a requirement; you just have to be willing to do it anyway.

You never know what you can do until you try!

Then, if you are chosen for cast, you will be asked to return to be offered a position with the faire.

Questions or need more information?

E-mail us at comeplay@varf.org Not sure if you’re ready for a cast position? The Virginia Renaissance Faire is also seeking many volunteers, both before and during the show. We need help with construction, grounds crew, front gate, information booth staff and many other areas. For more information, e-mail comeplay@varf.org
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A Bullseye foxtail was found after faire on Sunday night outside the Annapolis Mall Red Robin. If you lost this item (or know who did) please stop by the House of Musical Traditions booth next weekend and describe the dye job to retrieve. After the close of this coming weekend, item will be left with Bullseye or MDRF Lost & Found.

Crossposted, please help spread the word.

Current Location:
On The Road
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Call for performers for DCTribal Hafla!

DCTribal is looking for student and semi-professional dancers and musicians to perform at our upcoming hafla on Saturday, September 26th (5-8pm). Bellydance performances and live music of tribal, fusion, and experimental styles welcome and encouraged. Come share your dance talents in a friendly, supportive atmosphere and be a part of the DCTribal family!

Limited dance slots available (5 minutes each per dancer maximum).

If you are interested in performing, dance, or music, please contact Mab at mab@dctribal.com

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Juuuust in case anyone keeping tabs on this sleepy little community isn't already aware of it*, VARF starts next weekend! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your friends' friends! Tell your friends' enemies! Tell your enemies' friends! Tell your enemies' enemies! Oh wait, your enemies' enemies are probably your friends and you've already told them so don't tell them again or you'll just annoy them and then they'll be your enemies and you'll have to start all over again because you've forgotten what you've told to whom and it'll all be just one big mess.

Oh whatever. Just GO already! And tell everyone that they should go too. DO IT!

The voices in my head command you.

* The rest of us are already packed and impatiently flipping the pages on the calendar to see if it makes next weekend come any faster!

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Ive never really gone camping before or planned a trip. Its just going to be a few friends overnight in the woods somewhere with sleeping bags once it gets warm enough where you dont need a tent. We will prob have a night picnic and bring food to cook on the fire as well

We will need somewhere, quiet and wooded where its legal to put up a small stone-ring type fire.

Most campgrounds are too close to public and a bunch of people/familys for my liking.

Any suggestions?

I so hope it gets warm soon!

Sorry I should specify, Im in Silverspring, MD and my friends are coming from Easten Shore, so maybe somewhere in between, or at least within a hour of me.

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My father has a few cats, but needs to move out of his home and stay with me, and I already have 5 here.. so we need to find a good home for 2 of them. It doesnt matter if they are split up or not, they are not related.

Both are black, female, about 6 years old.

If anyone is interested please let me know, all of the no kill shelters dont call me back and I dont want them going to a regular one. Id rather have them with someone that will take care of them.

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Greeting Friends!

My friend Jess found out to late that she can't make the show she bought tickets to and is looking to sell them.
She has four tickets to the the Friday Night show of the Hack-n-Slash Christmas Special.
They are second row - Center - VIP section seats.
They are $50 each.

Contact her ASAP so she can get the tickets in the mail to you.
If anyone is interested please contact:

Jessica Brockmeyer
cell: 410-937-5657

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The Institute of Musical Traditions presents
Monday, October 20th at 7:30
at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Blvd. Glen Echo, MD

More Info About The BaebesCollapse )

Tickets are $22 in advance/$27 at the door
(NOTE: Last years performance did sell out)
Tickets are available online, or in person at
The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD
Tickets are also available at House of Musical Traditions booth
at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
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Hey folks!

We of Keltish just wanted to thank everyone, cast and patron alike, for your warm welcome and enthusiasm. We enjoyed playing for you and along side of you! We hope to see you elsewhere throughout the year!

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And who can blame you if you have lately, it's probably much cooler there!

ANYhow, VARF's last weekend is THIS WEEKEND. Yup, June 14-15 is your last chance to enjoy one of the friendliest, most relaxing faires in the area. Gate's just $7, parking's free, and it's Celtic Invasion weekend so get yer kilt on and come play!

Bonus: Temps are supposed to break tomorrow so the forecast highs for the weekend look like they'll be in the 80s instead of the 90s and higher. Can I get a 'huzzah!'?

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