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Interested in being a part of the 2008 Virginia Renaissance Faire?

Audition Information

Auditions are being held:

  • Sat. Feb. 9th (That's THIS Saturday!) 10am - 4pm Theater Room, Main Branch Library
  • Sat. Feb. 16th 12pm - 5pm Meeting Room 2/Cabel Room, Main Branch Library
  • Sun. Feb. 17th 1pm - 5pm Meeting Room 2/Cabel Room, Main Branch Library

    New Cast will also be encouraged to attend an orientation and training on February 23rd, also in the Fredericksburg area."

    Volunteers are needed as well in a variety of positions including: "ticket booth, front gate, parking lot, trash pickup and general site maintenance, first aid crew, gift shop, rose sellers and tavern workers."
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    "Divorced! Beheaded! Died! Divorced! Beheaded! Survived!"

    Wit, candor and knitting needles fly in this witty piece of musical theatre brought to you by The Mobtown Players in Hampden, Maryland! Three Catherines, Two Annes and One Jane are trapped together for eternity, forced to engage in an epic battle for the title of the one "True Queen." In the end, they might have lost the King... but they found each other!

    This show is a 16 and up performance. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult!

    We're already halfway to a sell out on opening night and we're still a 20 days away! Tickets are flying off Acteva for the first night celebration of this one of a kind musical experience!

    Visit www.mobtown.net and click on Get Tickets to order yours today! To make reservations - email sixdeadqueens@gmail.com

    Don't miss this show - or you might just lose your head over it!
    Get 'em before they're gone!!

    Here's the special link - Please note that there are only 15 tickets left in the $5 off category - here's your link! http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=148564

    Password is huzz@h
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    Hey Kids!

    (If you haven't friended us already -

    If you haven't heard of the Mistletoe Masquerade or the Gilded Lily
    Burlesque troupe. Check out our blog!

    Hello out there in MySpaceland/Facebook! Just a reminder, Tickets for
    Mistletoe Masquerade are discounted to $35 for my space friends THIS
    WEEK ONLY! If you're interested in buying tickets.. here's what you
    need to do...

    Email sixdeadqueens@gmail.com or 6dqthacker@gmail.com! The reason for
    this is because we need to send the special discount link to you in
    an email! That's right... you're special! You're getting $10 off! You
    get your own SPECIAL link :)

    You can also pay by cash or check, and can buy as many tickets as you
    want at the discounted price!

    Get em now before they're gone! http://www.sixdeadqueens.com

    See you on 12/29!!!!
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    – A Yuletide Celebration to Benefit The Mobtown Players!

    Saturday December 29, 2007 7pm – 11pm

    The Mobtown Theatre at Meadow Mill
    3600 Clipper Mill Road Suite 114
    Hampden, MD 21211

    Price: $45
    Dress: Black Tie/Costume Optional!

    Featuring: Performances by the lovely ladies of The Gilded Lily Burlesque www.myspace.com/gildedlilyburlesque and the cast of the U.S Premiere of Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry!

    Open Bar – Beer, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Soda, and more!
    Menu – Light Holiday Fare – a little something for everyone, as well as a decadent dessert table!

    Silent Auction! The evening will include a Silent Auction of fabulous prizes including items autographed by John Waters and Baltimore Ravens Players, tickets to shows around town, gift certificates for restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, handcrafted jewelry, baskets of cheer ( i.e. Alcohol) and more!

    Also, be one of the first to see the Six Dead Queens Trailer, launched on the big screen after the evening's performances!

    Tickets can be purchased at www.mobtown.net through Acteva or you can send an email to me, Erin Riley, at sixdeadqueens@gmail.com for more information. Our capacity is 80! Get your tix now!!

    Thank you everyone for your support! I'm looking forward to (hopefully!) seeing you at the gala and the opening of the show! February 15, 2007! Save the date!
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    The Third Annual Renaissance Festival Awards are open for voting through the end of the year. You know who your favorite folks are, now go let everyone else know it!
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    Do you think there would be a demand/need for a Rennie Guild for folks in Recovery? Not a whole new 12 step program or anything, just a group:

    - for fellowship, support, and networking among Rennies in Recovery.
    - to show Dane's in recovery around the faire.
    - to show that you can have fun at faire without getting wasted.

    I have been thinking about starting one up for a couple of seasons.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    The Institute of Musical Traditions presents

    The Mediaeval Baebes

    Friday October 19 at 7:30 PM
    Saint Mark's Presbyterian Church
    10701 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville, MD

    This is The Baebes only DC/Baltimore area performance outside of The Maryland Renaissance Festival

    More Info About The Mediaeval Baebes Under The CutCollapse )

    Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

    Tickets are available for purchase online, at The House of Musical Traditons in Takoma Park, and HMT's booth at The Maryland Renaissance Festival (across from the White Hart, in between The Leather Rose and The Corn Booth).


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    Just a reminder about this Thursday's unofficial & very unorganized Pirate Crawl this Thursday. For those who care to start (and maybe end) early, we'll start off around 6pm with British Ink's Grand Opening party:

    More details about the party under the cutCollapse )

    Things will wrap at The Palace of Wonders at 9pm where we'll take in The Weirdo Show (featuring Brian "Dinty The Moore" Morton and Darcy Nair AKA Navigator Kat Fairbanks of The Pyrates Royale)

    Stops in between include The Argonaut and The Red & The Black.

    Show up in your Pirate Best, be it Renn-Faire-Tasitc or a Party City/Target special! Do something creative (like software pirate)! Hell, you are welcome even if you just show up in a t shirt with a skull on it and talk using a funny accent and poor grammar! Hope to see everyone there!
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    Title: VARF 2007 Audition - Last Call

    Date: Saturday February 10, 2007
    Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    Location: LOCATION CHANGE: Snow Library
    Notes: Last Change Audition - Need Improv, Song, and Improv

    www.varf.org for directions

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