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varenfaire's Journal

Virginia Renaissance Faire
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This community was created to make up for the loss of the forums on the Virginia Renaissance Faire's web page. This community is for performers, vendors, crew, staff, patrons, playtrons, groupies, fangirls, or what have you.

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The Virginia Renaissance Faire is a non-profit educational group that performs at the Lake Anna Winery in Central Virginia, 30 minutes south of Fredericksburg.

~The Rules~

1. Be respectful of each other. This does not mean you can't disagree; this just means you treat others the way you wish to be treated.
2. Don't pimp other communities on this community. There are plenty of groups up for that already. However, if someone posts a question that may be better answered at another community, you may post the community information in a comment to the post.
3. This group is open to locked and unlocked posts. It is up to you whether you lock a post to members or not.
4. This not an advertising community. Please do not post your advertisements for eBay or other renaissance faires. We may consider advertising for non-profit events; please contact a moderator before posting it.