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Need help finding camping spots in MD/VA .. In the woods, Fire allowed

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Ive never really gone camping before or planned a trip. Its just going to be a few friends overnight in the woods somewhere with sleeping bags once it gets warm enough where you dont need a tent. We will prob have a night picnic and bring food to cook on the fire as well

We will need somewhere, quiet and wooded where its legal to put up a small stone-ring type fire.

Most campgrounds are too close to public and a bunch of people/familys for my liking.

Any suggestions?

I so hope it gets warm soon!

Sorry I should specify, Im in Silverspring, MD and my friends are coming from Easten Shore, so maybe somewhere in between, or at least within a hour of me.

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On March 17th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC), writersblock_va commented:
I don't know the area, but how far is Quantico VA from you? (Just south of DC). There's a US national park there, .. Prince William I think. I know it has tent camping. I liked the park itself when I visited the group campgrounds.
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